Thanks for the time and link to the livestream. I caught it about 4 min before launch and I’m so used the countdown communication usually with NASA launches that I chuckled when at the last second it sounded like, “Lift off?” “Lift off.” and then zoom up it went. » 4/28/15 12:22am Today 12:22am

Wow! The immediate flash of moment they went through is so perfectly captured. I am so glad they made it through but I have to admit feeling a bit guilty witnessing it so intimately. » 4/27/15 1:24am Yesterday 1:24am

The Huracan is one of rare instances where I think the model below the top car (Aventador) of a manufacturer is better looking. The Porsche 911 is another example (GTS vs. the Turbo). » 4/26/15 3:48pm Sunday 3:48pm

Oh god, he was only 47? I remember noticing his artwork in D&D 4E and thinking he was one of the few who really understood and successfully modernized classic D&D artwork. RIP, you will always be remembered. » 4/24/15 2:40am Friday 2:40am

LOL I never realized that part of the One-77. I think given the exclusivity and the statement care it was at least they could have compromised functionality over style and made it a bit more proportional to the design. » 4/24/15 2:23am Friday 2:23am

Which movie did you finally lose complete faith in M. Night?

I bought into the hype of his genius and I still think The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, and Signs showed that he could make compelling movies but: The Village made me doubt enough to skip Lady in the Water and then The Happening was the one that made me realize… » 4/23/15 11:17pm Thursday 11:17pm

One of my favorite if not the favorite author. I’m embarrassed that I don’t remember The Murders in the Rue Morgue... so this is a great time to read it again! Also, most if not all of Poe’s works are available here: Project Gutenberg » 4/20/15 8:09pm 4/20/15 8:09pm

“Most blue-colored vertebrates just layer crystals until they create an interference pattern in outgoing light that looks blue.” That’s a great piece of knowledge! I assumed it was a pigment but it makes more sense now given that scales tend to be reflective/iridescent. » 4/20/15 5:04pm 4/20/15 5:04pm

When Clinton became the Governor of Arkansas, he was soon recruited into The Conclave of Governors Against Contact with the Greys (COGACG). He went along because COGACG promised him a shell corporation called the Arkansas Space Grant Consortium which would funnel 99.487% of the money into his bank account in… » 4/14/15 8:54pm 4/14/15 8:54pm

At this point with 3D printing and manufacturers offering “classic restorations” a new car will last forever. But the question comes down to the great thought-experiment Ship of Theseus. Is it still the same car if most or all of the car was replaced? » 4/09/15 11:15pm 4/09/15 11:15pm

Yeah, while I understand greed being a universal human trait, I don’t think Saudis or anyone is dumb enough to see the trend developing. Sure they are going to maximize their profits but they are not stupid; they are going to hedge their bets on alternative energy because there is a HUGE market for it and they know… » 4/09/15 11:01pm 4/09/15 11:01pm